Orgone Therapy in Bordeaux Region

My approach to psychological problems is psychosomatic, which enables a more immediate understanding of a client’s issues. I use character analysis and orgone therapy, which emphasizes the biophysical state of the client, thus extending the reach of normal language-based therapy.

Biophysical, simply means the sum total of human expressions. Aside from speaking, we communicate with our expressions—many of them unconsciously. The way  we look at others, our voice quality, and our gestures all convey who we really are, even if our words contradict these expressions; there is truth in the saying, “expressions never lie.” Our habitual expressions develop out of and solidify our personal character.

A client’s way of perceiving and responding to the world is always mediated by their character structure. There are a handful of pure character structures that one generally belongs to, and a major portion of my work is to uncover the present  way a person uses his or her specific character defences. Some examples are introversion, gregariousness, sneakiness and excessive politeness. These are some of our habitual ways we hide our true selves and needs since we have learned from upbringing that it is too dangerous to be direct and forthright. Our character has become our “medieval armour” protecting us but also being its prisoner, since it is chronic. Our work is to uncover the “how and why” of the armour, in order to fully sense its adverse effect on functioning,  and thereby structurally change and replace the defences with self-confidence.

I also use orgone therapy as needed and appropriate in order to mobilize one’s energetic state and open up blocked areas of holding.  With psychosomatic work, we have powerful tools that use the best of talk psychology and body-based energetics.

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