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I work with character analysis and orgone therapy to help you get in touch with your core, which means going beyond talk therapy. Like everyone, you were born as a fully functioning and self-regulated being, which meant that as you develop, confidence and responsibility were your guideposts in getting your needs met. 

Unfortunately, like most in our culture, the confidence and self-understanding were undermined by social norms.

Perhaps you were lively and wanted to explore, but weren’t allowed to, or felt deep disappointment in not receiving warmth—these feelings were not only incorporated in your outlook, but also in your physical body as chronic muscular rigidity. Emotions are a bioenergy and therefore truly a mind-body unity.


Many children had difficulty expressing themselves satisfactorily to their caretakers either because of prohibitions or because they could not comprehend the unwelcoming environment. This leads to a chronic armoring, which is like the steel armaments worn in the Middle Ages for protection. While the armor protects oneself from painful feelings it also causes malaise since one is locked inside against one’s will and cannot communicate effectively; this is why one may feel frustrated, confused and depressed. 

Most psychodynamically oriented therapists are somewhat aware of the dynamics of emotional problems, but they try to undo the injury solely by talking and hopefully insights. If you have been in this kind of analysis before, you realize there are limitations to it since one cannot always speak what is on their mind, and one may even try to avoid unpleasant issues. Lastly, there is also the fact that even “insights” do not always lead to improvement. 

With character analysis, importance is placed on how things are said rather than just the content; this is so because the expression contains the real meaning, while words may be “hollow”. Since the current behavior - or character - contains the historical issues, it will supplement one's verbal history greatly.

With my help in a safe environment, you can learn to shed the defensive armoring to reach your core and learn to rely on your gut feelings and observations. You will then comprehend your calling in Life. 

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