I help you overcome your inhibitions to become more confident. Character analysis assists in pointing unnatural defenses so they may be replaced with understanding and surety of one’s feelings. As needed and appropriate, orgone therapy is used to undo physical rigidity in the musculature. 


The focus is on their feelings and interactions between themselves. Character analysis is perfect for couples since it gets to the root of the myriad complaints that many couples have, complaints that seem to remorph themselves into new problems.

Family Therapy

With the whole family involved, everyone's healthy needs and rights are learned to be respected, while negative behavior is pointed out. 


I use a modified form of character analysis that is suited for infants and children in that it is easier for the child to understand. I also have toys and art equipment for play therapy.

Parent/Child Dyad

The focus is on understanding why the parent has little or no contact with their child, or vice-versa. This will help the parent comprehend the child to then guide them properly.